Volunteers for Nepal

Volunteers for Nepal
PO box 196
Tel: (+977) 9804131058

Volunteer for Nepal (VFN) is a recent program started by the founder of the MAYA Foundation in cooperation with both the Rural Education Development Center (REDC) and the Human Welfare and Rural Development Center (HWRDC) Nepal.

The VFN program matches western volunteers and primary schools in rural Nepal. The volunteers are selected according to their competence in working with children and in working in an energy of sharing and caring. The schools are selected on a need-basis on the one hand--making sure that help goes to where it is really needed--and a facility-basis on the other--making sure that the schools are able to welcome volunteers. The essence behind the program is a spirit of "working together for a better world."

VFN works through what we call enrichment centers; places where young children can come and learn in a play-environment. These enrichment centers can be a single-room building in a village, an empty classroom in an existing school or even a rented room in a nepali home. VFN provides the physical setting: the room and the necessary supplies for the children; the volunteer provides the knowledge, a touch of creativity, the care, the love. VFN will guide the volunteers through sources of information on special teaching techniques.

*The Maya Foundation is an international non-profit organization seated in the Netherlands and both the REDC and the HWRDC are Nepali NGO-s registered in Nepal with the Social Welfare Council (registration numbers respectively: 17598 and 20802)